Nutley Neighbors April 2021


“Very nice, Michael. Read the whole magazine. Well done, good info. Congrats!”

Michele F. – Business Owner

“One of the best business decisions we have made as a new business, was to be part of the Nutley Neighbors family. This magazine has surpassed our business expectations. It shows our agency’s ad as being very professional and the quality of the publication is excellent! We have received many phone calls from Nutley families, and we are so happy to be able to serve some of those families. Without the support of Nutley Neighbor’s publisher, Michael Stefanelli, this could not have been possible.”
Helen Dao – President & CEO, MariaPaz Home Care, Inc.

“Great photos, well written stories, content that is interesting and relevant to the community. Thank you for bringing neighbors together and for providing such helpful information on local businesses. I look forward to receiving this magazine every month.”
Michael P. – Advertising Executive, New York

“A great way to get local information and news in Nutley. For business owners, an effective means of getting information about your local businesses to the public.”
Dan L. – Nutley Chamber of Commerce

“I just received my latest edition of Nutley Neighbors magazine. I have to share how wonderful it is to have a dedicated magazine that can showcase how wonderful Nutley is and how Nutley is that great place to live, work and raise a family. Congratulations to the editorial team. The articles are well written and demonstrate a passion for journalism and Nutley. Much success going forward!!”
Tom E. – Resident and Local Official

“I enjoy getting Nutley Neighbors. It is very well written, interesting stories & advertising is very helpful. I look forward to receiving it every month.”
Theresa R. – Resident
“This is awesome!! Communities have become so disconnected by being “connected.” So many iPhones, this is refreshing, it brings back pride to the community, brings the importance back of human interaction. You need to turn this into a movement, more communities across new jersey, and the country need this!!”
Max Y. – Resident

“As a retired magazine writer and editor, I was delighted to see the arrival of your print publication. For this is an era when print is losing out to the digital world.”
Bob R. – Resident

“Thank you very much. It looks great and it is a privilege to be associated with your publication. The magazine is really terrific and I think it is a great addition to Nutley in every way. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute – all of us at the Historical Society greatly appreciate it.”
Barry L. – Nutley Historical Society

“Love to see this in my mailbox.. Interesting stories about our Nutley residents.”
Grace L. – Resident

“I have to say I love the magazine. It is first class from cover to cover.”
Ron M. – Resident

“Thank you to everyone calling and texting me in Florida about my parents cover photo on Nutley Neighbors! It means a lot to them to see their story in the magazine. I appreciate all your wonderful comments! I am blessed to live in Nutley surrounded by such caring, loving people. Now I will cry!”
Linda B – Resident

“I’ve been meaning to reach out to you and tell you how much my husband and I love your magazine! We read it cover to cover.”
Deborah D – Resident

“When Nutley Neighbors first came out, I knew it was going to be a great magazine! I was right! Happy Anniversary to the entire staff! Especially Michael, Joyce, Tammi and Alex who are such a pleasure to work with when submitting or suggesting a story. What a wonderful first year you gave us to read and enjoy! Nutley Neighbors is a great addition to our town! Thank you and Happy First Anniversary! Here’s to many more great years ahead!”
Linda B – Resident

“This is a very well put together magazine with to the point writing and neatly organized layouts. Keep up the good work.”
Ron M. – Resident

“Thank you for this great magazine.”
Denise C. – Resident

“Keep up the great work with the magazine, it’s a great ‘positive’ asset to Nutley!”
Melissa B. – Resident

“Just wanted to let you know that my mom told me that she really enjoys the magazine. Nice job!”

Anthony D. – Resident
“We enjoy your magazine every month and appreciate your efforts in spotlighting Nutley, our little oasis.”
David W. – Resident

“Thank you for having our family featured in the magazine! We have been receiving such great feedback on the article… truly touched everyone’s hearts. Even neighbors we never met have been ringing our doorbell to introduce themselves and say what a beautiful family & story we have. So thank you again! Joyce, Alex & Tammi were all a pleasure to work with. Thanks again!”
Joe, Michelle, Charlie & Julia C. – Residents

“I enjoy receiving your Nutley Neighbors magazine. Our community is quite unique and beautifully highlighted. I love your publication and what it offers to our community.”
Kathy K. – Resident
“Happy anniversary Michael and congrats to magazine Nutley neighbors. I look forward to it every month.”
Margaret C. – Resident

“Look forward to it every month. Congratulations and much continued success!”
Pam S. – Resident

“Thanks You Michael. Your magazine is a hit and your writer Joyce was wonderful.”
Lori M. – Business Owner

Montclair Neighbors May 2021


“Thank you for the opportunity, and please forgive me for not reaching out to you sooner. I have had quite a few customers and acquaintances mention the article. It has been a pleasant surprise.”

Alicia R. – Resident and Branch Manager, Investors Bank

“November issue looks great! BTW, thus far this year we’ve had eight people say they came into our store because of the magazine-and I’m sure more did as well but didn’t mention it!”
Maureen Brady – Owner, Valley Jewelers

“Thank you again for everything… we love reading your magazine.’
Scott K. – Resident

“I’m a resident of Upper Montclair and I have enjoyed receiving your magazine. Now that the Montclair Times has become less of a must read neighborhood newspaper, I believe your magazine is poised to really take off.”
Marti G. – Resident

“Loved this issue! I am not a Montclair resident (I live in Clifton) but wonder how I could go about getting some additional copies of this issue. Thank you for such a beautiful publication.”
Rachel C.

“Just wanted to share that I love when you feature residents of the town who’ve lived here for generations and paint a picture of what this town was like and how it’s transformed over the years. Might be nice to profile the 10 folks who’ve lived in town the longest – what it was like, why they stayed, etc. Another thought – since there are so many families in town who’ve relocated here from other countries, it might be nice to hear from them and how their culture differs from life in Montclair or this part of the world. Love your magazine!”
Jo M. – Resident




Photography for Neighbors Magazines provided by Photo Arts Productions, Randall Kenneth Photography, Neil Grabowsky of Through the Lens Studios.